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Each year thousands of patients travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, for world-class care at UPMC. Read their stories of hope and inspiration.

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Masha: Meso-Rex Bypass Procedure for Portal Cavernoma
Masha: Meso-Rex Bypass Procedure for Portal Cavernoma

Innovative meso-Rex bypass technique performed to address a portal cavernoma in a young Swedish girl.

Allan Vassallo and Carmen Abela
Milana: Living Donor Liver Transplant and Cure for Hepatitis C

For the first time in the world, a little girl with hepatitis C has been “cured” following a liver transplant and novel drug therapy.

Maria: Living Donor Liver Transplant
Maria: Living Donor Liver Transplant

“I donated part of my liver to my son and would do it five more times.”

Sarah Carlozzo
Sarah: Living Donor Kidney Transplant

After donating a kidney to her nephew at UPMC ISMETT, Palermo, Italy, Sarah learns that true resilience lies in embracing life's challenges and finding beauty in every step forward.

Giuliana Mingiardi
Giuliana: Living Donor Kidney Transplant

Love of family was the driving force for Guiliana’s kidney donation to her husband at UPMC ISMETT, Palermo, Italy.

Andrea Profita
Andrea: Living Donor Kidney Transplant

Andrea's devotion to family guided his decision to donate his kidney to his daughter at UPMC ISMETT, Palermo, Italy.

Allan Vassallo and Carmen Abela
Allan Vassallo and Carmen Abela: Liver Transplants

Liver transplants were performed on two patients from Malta within a few hours of each other at UPMC ISMETT, in Palermo, Italy.

Tiago Maljacek Silva
Tiago Maljacek Silva: Ebstein’s Anomaly

Tiago suffered from Ebstein’s Anomaly. Read more about his journey to UPMC Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Teri Cook
Teri Cook: Hemifacial Spasm

When Teri Cook, an Australian native began having symptoms of hemifacial spasm, she found the most experienced surgeons for this condition at UPMC.

David Ross
David Ross: Concussion

Faced with career-ending concussions, professional baseball player David Ross turned to the experts at UPMC’s Sports Medicine Concussion Program.

Amirah Orama
Amirah: Transplant

When 4-year-old Amirah from Puerto Rico needed a heart transplant her parents sought the best care, which led them to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

David's Patient Story
David: Cancer

The prognosis for David’s peritoneal cancer was not good, until he met a team of experts at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center.

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