Laser Endolift, Interview with Dr. Simone Moroni

Dr. Moroni the endolift laser for what can it be useful and what other technologies does it replace?

The 1470 nanometer diode laser allows us to carry out an innovative procedure called endolift laser.It is a simple technique that consists in the insertion of a microfiber thinner than a hair, which is placed in the superficial subcutaneous layer, immediately below the skin. At this level, laser energy is delivered which causes a dissolution of the superficial adipose tissue and, at the same time, a retraction of the overlying skin in order to obtain a lifting effect. This effect cannot be compared to what is obtained with a surgical facelift, in fact the main result of the laser endolift is a mild and moderate lifting.

How is it better than old technologies?

Before the advent of this type of technology, the technique used for a moderate facelift (to be distinguished from the surgical one, more aggressive and demanding for the patient, as it is a surgical intervention) was represented by the suspension threads: a more painful methodology that could produce skin folds in the posterior region of the face.

With Endolift laser you will not have any of this, because by doing a facelift from the inside it can not produce any skin fold. It is also a non-painful procedure that does not always require the use of local anesthetics.

What are the fields of application?

The main fields of application of this procedure concern the middle and lower third of the face, including the underchin area.It is possible to obtain an optimal remodeling of the contour of the mandibular angle and perform a lift of the middle third of the face.It is also possible to perform an eyebrow lift.

Should the surgery be performed once or is it possible to do it several times? What are the times to measure effectiveness?

It is an intervention that gives us an immediate effectiveness, as we can immediately see the result, which, depending on the quality of the patient's skin, can produce a stable and lasting effect for an average period of three / six months and in some cases even for a longer period. By protocol it is advisable to carry out a first treatment and to repeat it on average after six months.

What is the quality of the aesthetic solution in terms of precision and sharpness?

The quality is excellent as it is a technique that consists in the insertion of a cannula thinner than a hair and any needle and therefore does not even leave the mark of entry. The precision is absolute because through the laser, which acts as a guide at the subcutaneous level, you can see which area you are working on.

How long does an operation last?

The duration of an intervention is variable. On average half an hour.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects. The only side effect is a slight redness of the skin, which resolves spontaneously over two days.

What are the cases in which it should not be used at all?

The time to understand when it should not be used is during the initial visit with the patient.In the event that there is an important skin surplus, often associated with muscle laxity, this procedure cannot be considered valid.

His advice to patients who undergo these aesthetic treatments to distinguish serious, scientifically tested treatments from less effective ones.

My advice is to undergo these operations exclusively with qualified personnel, turn to plastic surgeons who have experience with this type of technology.