Prostate Cancer Patient Story: Carlo

Carlo was 60 years old when he undergoes routine blood chemistry tests and was informed that his PSA levels are higher than normal. PSA (prostate-specific antigen) is a protein produced by the prostate and present in the blood. High levels may depend on inflammation of the prostate or the possible presence of benign or malignant tumors.

However, in recent years, there has been a heated debate about the validity and usefulness of PSA for the early detection of prostate cancer. Carlo's family doctor then prescribed other in-depth examinations. At the Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Benevento, Carlo was diagnosed with intermediate prostate cancer. In these cases, the guidelines indicate radiation therapy as the only treatment.

For this reason, the hospital advised Carlo to contact the Advanced Radiotherapy Center in Mirabella Eclano: UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria. A Center that Carlo already knew, since a friend of his received radiotherapy treatments there.

The diagnosis of cancer can be upsetting. And especially at the beginning, it is not easy to be able to interface with this disease. Patients can feel lost and disoriented.

“In addition to the high-level therapeutic technique, great value is to be attributed to the entire staff,” said Carlo about his experience at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria. “Starting from the first telephone contact, the staff provided me with all the information I needed, to continue with the doctors and radiotherapy technicians who followed me throughout the therapeutic process, explaining in a clear and simple way all aspects of the treatment, putting me completely at ease and demonstrating competence and availability.”

Being able to count on emotional closeness, and the high degree of professionalism on the part of doctors and other health professionals is fundamental support in the fight against cancer. The proximity of the Centre to his home was also an invaluable added value for Carlo.

Without UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria, he would probably have had to wait to access therapies and perhaps move to another region, that would have presented several challenges.

When asked about his care at UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria, he replied, “a positive experience in all respects.”