Dr. Alfonso Maria Altieri

  • Pulmonology
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  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



Dr. Altieri is a pneumology specialist with a focus on oncology and infectious and tropical medicine. He was the former firstt level manager with a high specialty assignment (Alfa 1) at the UOC of Broncopneumology of the S. Camillo-Forlanini Rome Hospital. He is an academician of the Lancisiana Academy and professor at the School of Specialization in Sapienza lung diseases. He has been part of the implementation of early diagnosis through training courses aimed at health workers of the Gard-Italy of the Ministry of Health and the National Project SMERA (Multicentrico Italiano Studio Italiano Resistenze Antimberculari) of the ISS as part of the project since 2011 Global WHO. He is the national coordinator of the Infectivology study group of the Italian Association of Hospital Pneumologists. He is the author of over 100 publications and monographs published in national and international magazines. He focuses primarily on COPD, lung infectiousology (including TB and mycobacteriasis with bronchiectase), and granulomatosis.