Prof. Giuseppe Bersani

  • Psychiatry
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Professor Bersani is a psychiatrist, specializing in clinical criminology and forensic psychiatry. He is a former professor of Psychiatry in the Department of Sciences and Medical Surgical Biotechnology on the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine at Sapienza University in Rome. He also taught psychiatry at the A and E degree courses of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Medicine, as well as the teaching professor for neuropsychopharmacology at the 1st school of specialization in psychiatry-Sapienza University of Rome. From 2006 to 2021, he was Head of the University of "Psychiatry and Clinical Psychopharmacology" at the A. Fioriniof Terracina (Latina), Pontine Pole of the Sapienza University of Rome. He is the author of over 220 scientific articles, as well as numerous works featured at scientific conferences, and in book chapters both Italian and foreign. He carries out continuous activities, both personal and as coordinator of groups. Areas of interest include risk factors for mental disorders, clinical psychopharmacology, mental disorders associated with the use of substances, psychiatric genetics, structural and functional brain changes in mental disorders, neuroimaging in mental disorders, psychiatric chronobiology, neurobiology applied to psychiatry, the study of neurocognitive functions in mental disorders, dependencies on new substances of abuse, behavioral addictions, and clinical and psychiatric bioethics. He has been an organizer, president or scientific secretary of over 50 congresses, symposia or scientific and international scientific courses, guest Professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (China), and Visiting Professor at the University of Herforshire (UK).