Dr. Giuseppe Di Donna

  • Internal Medicine
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  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital
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  • Preventive Medicine



Dr. Giuseppe Di Donna is a Medical Surgeon with extensive experience in the fields of Preventive Medicine, General Medicine and Medical Education. He graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome, and subsequently obtained specialisations in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine with a focus on Public Health and in Tropical Diseases at the same university. Dr Di Donna has enriched his training with significant international experience, including a mission to Nigeria on behalf of ENI in 1982, where he assessed hygiene and sanitary conditions in the company's operational settlements, and organised training sessions on disease prevention for oil workers.

From 1986 to 2020, he worked as a General Practitioner at ASL Roma 3. His main areas of intervention include phlebology, home care in collaboration with the company CAD and hospices operating in the south of Rome.

Dr. Di Donna holds the title of Pain Therapy Training Trainer, according to Law 38/2000. He has tutored graduate medical students and trained trainee doctors in their three-year training period in General Medicine, acting as supervisor for the drafting of the course's final thesis.

Dr. Di Donna has also actively contributed to the organisation of training courses, on behalf of the National Interdisciplinary Primary Care Medical Society (SNAMID), aimed at General Practitioners, Hospital Doctors, Health Care Professionals and Psychologists on various topics, coordinating groups of doctors within the framework of projects such as the Kidney Project, organised by SNAMID, for the collection of data on chronic renal insufficiency; as well as a Theoretical-Practical Course on Pain Therapy, in collaboration with the Centre for Pain Therapy at the S. Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome. Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome.

He is currently Coordinator of the prevention and check-up service at the UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome.