Prof. Giovanni Galluccio

  • Pneumology
  • specialist-schedules-heading
  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



Dr. Gallucio is a specialist in Tisiology and diseases of the respiratory system. He also is interested in laboratory and medical oncology. He has vast experience in the field of thoracic endoscopy and interventional pneumology. He has studied abroad, at the Hopital Sainte Marguerite in Marseille and Mount Sinai Hospital in New York (as Visiting Professor), as well as in Italy, in Brescia and the Tumors Institute of Milan. He has performed over 50,000 bronchoscopies and 6,000 laser interventions and has developed some original diagnostic and therapeutic methods such as transclasing biopsy, the endoscopic treatment of broncho-colic fistulas and the endoscopic treatment of tracheal lacerations. He is Director of the Thoracic Endoscopy Operations Unit at the San Camillo-Forlanini Hospital in Rome and professor of interventional pneumology in different universities. He is the regional president of the AIPO (Italian Association of Hospital Pneumologists) and the EABIP (European Association for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology). He has authored about 180 scientific publications and 7 monographs.