Dr. Marco La Torre

  • General Surgery
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  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



Dr. La Torre is a general surgeon with a PhD in experimental research and clinical methodologies in oncology. He has acquired particular experience in colorectal proctology and surgery, laparoscopic and mini-invasive surgery, colorectal and gastro-oncological surgery, intestinal, mini-Invasive hepato, colorectal, and gastro-intestinal sugery, abdominal wall surgery (traditional/mini-invasive ), venous access surgery (port-a-cath, groshong); anorectal tanks, transrettal ultrasound and pelvic floor, and pelvic floor rehabilitation. He also gained training and professional experience in France. He is on staff at the S. Andrea hospital in Rome, general surgery department, directed by Prof. Vincenzo Ziparo, as a post-doc in digestive oncology. He teaches at Sapienza University of Rome and laparoscopic and mini-invasive surgery at the Department of Biosciences of Rome, Consortium Tecnopolo di Castel Romano. He has completed more than 40 courses in colorectal surgery, abdominal wall, urology, gynecology, with the support of companies (Siccr-Siu-Sigo). He is the author of numerous scientific publications.