Dr. Luigi Manfrè

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  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital
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  • Interventional Radiology



Dr. Manfre is a specialist in diagnostic and interventional radiology. He has a diploma on the European Course in Neuroradiology and his clinical and scientific activity has been directed to the exclusive deepening of the interventional neuroradiology of the diseases of the spine. He focuses on the application of all techniques - mainly local anesthesia using fluoroscopy and the treatment of diseases of the Rachide (degenerative, oncological or traumatic). He is director of the functional unit of mini invasive spinal intervention at the Oncological Institute of the Mediterranean and is a contract professor at the Radiology Institute of the University of Palermo. He has obtained 16 international and national awards for scientific merits. He is Chairperson of the Spine of the European Society of Neuroradiology ESNR (since 2017 to date), is part of the European Board of Neuroradiology Ebnr of the European School of Neuroradiology Esonr (from 2017 to today), is a member of the interventional spine Committee of the American Society of Neuroradiology Asnr (from 2019 to today) and is a member of the scientific editorial board of European Radiology (2021). He participated as a speaker at an invitation to 254 international congresses and is the author of 234 publications, 57 of which are mentioned on Medline. He is an expert on pathologies of degenerative type (hernia, vertebral canal stenosis, bone and joint spine pain, sports pathology), traumatic type (vertebral fracture), oncological (fractures and benign and malignant vertebral neoplasms, tc guided biopsies, secondary collapses) and dysmetabolic (osteoporotic or spontaneous vertebral fractures).