Dr. Simone Moroni

  • Plastic Surgery
  • specialist-schedules-heading
  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



Dr. Moroni is a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery. He is Medical manager of the plastic surgery department and burn center of the S. Eugenio hospital in Rome. He is expert in the use of the laser for both aesthetic and clinical medicine treatments in particular in the dermatological field, for epilation, in the dermochirurgical field in the case of eyelid xantelasms; pendulum or nodular fibroids; warts; seborrheic keratosis; benign snows , aesthetic medicine for wrinkles, skin spots, couperous and erythrosis, acne, vascular for the treatment of vascular lesions such as dilated capillaries or telegangectasias; angiomas; spider nevus) and also in the case of ulcers.