Dr. Pier Giorgio Nardis

  • Radiology Imaging
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  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



Dr. Nardis is a radiodiagnostic specialist. His doctoral research includes angio-cardio-thoracic surgical physiopathology and radio-inspired imaging entitled, endovascular treatment of arteriopathies in the diabetic foot. His areas of interest include: vascular and interventional radiology, multilayer TC, RM, Angio-TC, Angio-MR, ultrasound, eco-doppler, use of dedicated reconstruction workstations for CT. He is medical director at Polyclinic Hospital-University Umberto I, assigned to the UOS of interventional radiology where he carries out exclusive vascular and interventional radiology activities (about 2400 procedures/year). He is the author of numerous scientific publications.