Dr. Deborah Tognozzi

  • Nutrition
  • specialist-schedules-heading
  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



She graduated in Biological Sciences, specialised in Biotechnological Applications and attended numerous professional courses in nutrition and food safety. With more than 20 years of experience, she specialises in clinical, metabolic, preventive and therapeutic nutrition, nutrigenetics, as well as nutrition related to gynaecological disorders and pathologies, fertility enhancement and nutrition for school age and adolescents. Her other areas of activity include energy nutrition for athletes, anti-aging programmes and nutritional re-education to address behavioural disorders.

She develops customised nutritional programmes, also considering the somatoemotional sphere (PNEI) to promote physical and psychological well-being. She has CONI-OPES ITALIA recognition as a trainer in Bioenergetic Nutrition and has been a radio speaker since 2021 for RID 96.8 FM in the format "Sempre più in forma nutrition".

She is a lecturer at the San Raffaele Telematic University of Rome for the Master's Degree Course in Human Nutrition Sciences, with a curriculum in Nutraceutics, and at the Unicusano Telematic University of Rome for the 1st level Master's Degree Course in Sport Psychology, module 'Nutrition and Sport'.