Our History

UPMC was founded nearly a century ago, when hospitals in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, (U.S.) merged to form the University Medical Center. Its history, however, had already begun in 1893 with the establishment of its flagship facility, the Presbyterian Hospital.

Later, in 1949, an affiliation agreement between the University of Pittsburgh and Presbyterian Hospital established what our mission would be. Still today, this is based on three fundamental principles: patient care, research, and training. In 1951, the hospital's name became Presbyterian University Hospital, thus emphasizing its close connection with the University of Pittsburgh.

In 1986, members of the University Medical Center, including Presbyterian University Hospital, Falk Clinic, Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, and Eye & Ear Hospital, joined together to create a group which was renamed the Medical and Health Care Division (MHCD).

After several additional mergers, including that of Montefiore Hospital in 1990, the name was again changed to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and later shortened to UPMC.

In the early 2000s, UPMC's expansion continued with the entry into the group of the Pittsburgh Mercy Health System and the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Today, UPMC's presence in the U.S. ranges from western, northwestern, and central Pennsylvania to western Maryland.

UPMC in Italy

Our history in Italy began in 1997. UPMC, thanks to a public-private partnership with the region of Sicily, launched the Mediterranean Institute for Transplants and Highly Specialized Therapies (ISMETT) in Palermo.

Subsequently, in 2005, UPMC signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Pittsburgh and the Government of the Italian Republic for the creation of the Ri.MED Foundation. The Foundation's main objective was to create, in Sicily, in Carini, the Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Research.

In 2013, UPMC created the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center San Pietro FBF in Rome, in collaboration with the San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital.

In 2018, in Mirabella Eclano, Avellino, Campania, UPMC created the UPMC Hillman Cancer Center Villa Maria Highly Specialized Radiotherapy Center. This is the result of the collaboration between UPMC and the Villa Maria Nursing Home.

Since 2018, UPMC has also managed the UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital in Rome, offering a variety of services and clinical specialties.