Single Guarantee Committee (C.U.G.)

UPMC Italy and ISMETT-UPMC have established a Single Guarantee Committee (C.U.G.) to promote and ensure the implementation of the principles of equal opportunity and non-discrimination in the workplace, with particular reference to access and working conditions, professional training and career opportunities.

The C.U.G. unites several competencies in a single body and promotes actions for equal opportunities, the improvement of the well-being of people at work and against discrimination. The Committee has a proposing, advising and reviewing role and contributes to the optimization of human resources productivity. It enables the improvement of performance efficiency through a working environment characterized by respect for the principles of equal opportunity and organizational well-being. It ensures maximum transparency in the decisions of the chain of command and the fight against any form of discrimination and any form of moral or psychological violence against employees.

The C.U.G. is composed of an equal number of members appointed by each of the representative unions and an equal number of representatives of the administration.