UPMC Insights: COVID-19

A new type of coronavirus, first discovered in late 2019, sickened millions and caused a worldwide pandemic. The World Health Organization named the disease caused by this novel virus COVID-19.

For many, the disease altered nearly every aspect of daily life — shuttering schools, workplaces, and large gatherings.

The experts at UPMC share the latest news and information about making the most of your wellness while dealing with COVID-19.


Anti-Covid-19 Vaccination at UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital. Interview with the medical director Prof. Giovanni Vizzini.
5 February 2021


Stress from Covid-19. You can manage it. Interview with Prof. Giuseppe Bersani.
18 December 2020

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15 June 2020

Coronavirus: The Difficult Role of Health Workers
19 May 2020

Coronavirus: Concerns from Lockdown and Uncertainty for the Future. Interview with Prof. Giuseppe Bersani.
5 May 2020

Coronavirus. UPMC Salvator Mundi in the management of the Covid-19 emergency. Interview with Prof. Giovanni Vizzini.
21 April 2020

Coronavirus: We Resist Stress
14 April 2020

Coronavirus: Behaviors for Proper Prevention
26 February 2020