Coronavirus: We Resist Stress

Stress, anxiety and panic due to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are growing.

WHO (World Health Organization) provides some advice on how to cope with stress. Consult the infographic and the Italian translation proposed by the ISS (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) by clicking here.

Indications that it seems useful to share, also expressing our thoughts.

Try to bring all your strength to report and roll up your sleeves to fight. This can be an opportunity to get to know yourself better and listen to your needs and desires. To better manage the particular daily life and to plan or redirect the future.

First of all, keep yourself informed but do not overdo it with a media overexposure from multiple sources on the same and perhaps only topical topic. Choose even just a reliable source and then try to range and think about something else, what you are passionate about, the positive aspects of life. Dedicate yourself to reading, writing, drawing, exercising your creativity in every way or maybe arranging that corner of your home that you had forgotten to have.

Keep in touch with the people you care about most, family and friends.

Take care of your physical well-being, both by maintaining a healthy lifestyle – proper nutrition and exercise – and by continuing to take care of your aesthetic appearance. Do not neglect yourself, on the contrary take advantage to reward yourself with treatments that you normally do not have the time and constancy to give yourself.

If you have children, however, it is always their example of strength and point of reference, sharing with them moments of human weakness, listening to them, talking, giving answers to their requests for explanations, fears, reassuring them and then together with them finds the grit and distraction in many activities that you have the opportunity to propose to all ages even at home. Without upsetting the normal routine, waiting to be able to resume it as soon as possible.