Midwife in Salvator Mundi in 1952, Today She is Back to Visit Us

We are pleased to publish the letter sent to us by Mrs. Temperoni, Midwife in Salvator Mundi in the early years of the hospital. The lady, accompanied by her daughters and granddaughter, went to visit the clinic as soon as she returned to Italy after more than 30 years abroad.

“Reading the history of the Salvador Mundi International Hospital Private Clinic, I remembered that at one time I too was part of that world and this is my story.

After graduating as a Midwife in 1951 at the School of Obstetrics of the University of Rome, in 1952 I entered as a Midwife in the Maternity Department of the Salvador Mundi Clinic.At the time the staff of the structure was mainly composed of specialized nuns of the Divine Savior Order, Mother Olimpia was the Superior of the Congregation.Our goals were to dedicate ourselves with the utmost commitment to the well-being of both mother and newborn.

Over time, the Salvador Mundi Clinic was the first option for people for the quality of its services. They were our patient personalities of the Roman aristocracy, film and entertainment personalities, in 1952 Ingrid Bergman gave birth to the twins Isolde and Isabella.

After a few years I submitted my resignation and moved abroad without ever losing contact with Salvador Mundi, to the point that two of my daughters were born in Salvador Mundi.

A few days ago I contacted the Salvator Mundi, and at their kind invitation, I had the pleasure of finding myself visiting the Clinic, walking through the various departments many memories surfaced in my mind, but the inevitable changes given the time spent have not changed the spirit and principles of internationalization wanted by Mother Olimpia.”