ISMETT: An Excellence in Palermo

The Transplant Center brings excellence to Palermo

In twenty years of activity, more than 2,300 transplants have been performed at ISMETT. On January 22, 2020, construction work began in Carini (Palermo) on the Center for Biotechnology and Biomedical Research (CBRB), adjacent to which a new hospital headquarters will also be built, with 250 beds.

Thanks to the new biotechnology center in Carini "it will be possible to reduce the time and costs of the transition from scientific discoveries to new drugs and new therapies. And it will favor the economic development of Sicily, creating and attracting biotechnology companies" says Prof. Bruno Gridelli, Executive Vice President of UPMC International "I would like that in the future we would no longer talk about excellence, but about normality. The goal of ISMETT is, in fact, to be an excellence that is part of a system that is itself excellent".

Article by David Patitucci, published in Fq Millennium (17 February 2020).