Transplantations: The Choice of Donors. Interview with Prof. Bruno Gridelli.

On September 27 at 4:30 p.m., Prof. Bruno Gridelli, Executive Vice President of UPMC International and Country Manager of UPMC Italy, will speak at Frontiere, the online festival organized by the editorial staff of the monthly magazine "Salute-Stare bene secondo la scienza", to talk about the state of the art, technological evolution and new frontiers in the field of transplantation.

Frontiere, the new festival of Health, organized by the editorial staff of "Salute-Stare bene secondo la scienza", will take place online every afternoon from 22 to 27 September and will host talk shows, interviews, meetings with the greats of the scientific community and beyond, also of entertainment and sport. Doctors, researchers, scientists, politicians and sportsmen will gather to talk about health: rare diseases, cancers, nutrition, immunotherapy, artificial intelligence, Covid-19, transplants, lifestyles and much more.

On September 22, on the opening night, Anthony Fauci, one of the most authoritative infectious disease specialists and protagonist in the United States of the fight against Covid, will open the festival. The event will then close on September 27 with the intervention of immunologist French Jules Hoffmann, Nobel Prize of Medicine in 2011.

Festival schedule.

Prof. Bruno Gridelli, Executive Vice President of UPMC International and Country Manager of UPMC Italy, interviewed by Valeria Pini, will talk about transplants: where Italy stands, what are the new surgical techniques and what are the new frontiers (such as uterus transplantation), what is the state of the art of pediatric transplants, how in recent years the journeys of hope from Italy to abroad have Reversing course, how living donor transplants are a viable alternative and contribute to the reduction of waiting lists.

Prof. Bruno Gridelli, considered one of the leading experts in the field of transplantation, was Director of ISMETT IRCCS in Palermo, excellence in Italy and Europe for transplants and highly specialized therapies. Under his direction at ISMETT, pediatric liver and kidney transplant programs and heart and lung transplant programs were initiated. He was among the first in Italy to use split liver, a technique that involves dividing the liver into two different lobes, so as to allow two transplants to be performed. ISMETT is a reference center in the Mediterranean for transplants, also in pediatric patients, as well as being the center with the most active pediatric living liver transplant program in Italy.