ISMETT: Paediatric Kidney Transplants Workshop

For Saturday, January 25th, ISMETT has organized a workshop called “Pediatric Kidney Transplantation: A Winning Choice" at Palazzo Branciforte (Palermo). Leading Sicilian specialists in the field will attend the event. During the workshop, the latest findings on pediatric kidney transplantation will be shared, with a focus on living-related transplants, outlining the possible benefits compared with dialysis and waiting lists, and discussing state-of-the-art surgical techniques, and donor/recipient follow-ups.

“For pediatric patients with kidney failure, a kidney transplant is the only choice in terms of life expectancy and quality. At ISMETT we offer a solution for pediatric patients, who no longer have to travel to other Italian centers," said Prof. Jean de Ville de Goyet, Director of the Department for the Treatment and Study of Pediatric Abdominal Diseases and Abdominal Transplantation.

Thanks to its standards of care, ISMETT is one of the best Italian centers for abdominal pediatric transplantation. Both living- and deceased-donor kidney and liver transplants are currently performed at ISMETT. Last year, ISMETT ranked first for number of living-related liver transplants performed. Survival rates both for kidney and liver transplants are comparable to those of the best North American centers. Thanks to the national waiting list for pediatric transplants, ISMETT's waiting times do not differ from those of other Italian centers.

“Living-donor transplants are an additional option for patients referred to ISMETT. Today our center is ranked among the best European centers in terms of living-related pediatric liver transplant volumes and success, which are more complex than kidney transplants. Living donation offers a further chance for pediatric patients, who would otherwise have to stay on the waiting list, and risk their lives while waiting for a life-saving organ. Modern transplant techniques have become increasingly safe, both for donors and recipients," said Prof. de Ville.