DermatologyLive Webinar 4.5 CME Credits for Surgeons, Pharmacists and Nurses

Atelier Dermatologia – “Dermatology in a non-dermatological clinic: the keys to diagnosis and the rationale of topical therapy”. This is the theme of the free live webinar of UPMC Academy in Italy that on Wednesday, December 16, from 18:00 to 21:00, gives an appointment on the Zoom platform to surgeons of all specializations, pharmacists and nurses who will be entitled to 4.5 CME credits.

Prof. Marcello Monti, Dermatologist and Infectiologist at the dermatology service of UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital

The Scientific Director of the event is Prof. Marcello Monti, Dermatologist and Infectiologist, dermatologist consultant at the highly specialized dermatology service UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital, and Professor Emeritus of Dermatology, University of Milan.

The goals?

  • Provide the elements for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of the most common dermatological pathologies
  • Give a general orientation to the choice of topical treatment with a predilection for the use of galenics over drugs

Skin diseases are very frequent, often not serious but always create, in the subject affected by dermatitis, the anxiety of knowing what it is and what to do. For this reason, the majority of subjects with dermatological problems turn to the territorial structures of health to have a diagnosis and treatment. It would be up to the dermatologist to make a diagnosis and establish the cure, but the distance between local and specialist medicine is always great and has increased in times of pandemic. From this, the request that the medicine of the territory be able to give a diagnostic-therapeutic response to the simplest, and therefore most frequent, forms of dermatological pathology. The diagnosis of dermatological pathologies for non-dermatologists may seem like an exercise without rules, which instead exist and are easy to learn. Topical therapy also follows specific rules such as topical observation therapy, topical therapy, topical/systemic therapy, systemic therapy. The meeting will highlight the highlights of diagnosis and therapy, divided by group of skin diseases.

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