UPMC-OMCeO Rome: Radiology Workshop November 23, 2021

On 23 November 2021, UPMC in Italy and OMCeO Rome present the Tumor Imaging Radiology Workshop, valid for 5.8 ECM credits.

The event will be attended by field experts such as Prof. Andrea Laghi, Director of the Radiology Department of Sant'Andrea University Hospital (Rome) and professor of radiology at Sapienza University (Rome), and Prof. Alessandro Bozzao, Head of the Neuroradiology Department of Sant'Andrea University Hospital and professor of neuroradiology at Sapienza University.

The participants will have the opportunity to interact with renowned experts on modern tumor imaging (from morphology to radiomics) and its role in the assessment of response (from chemotherapy to immunotherapy, from post-op follow-up to radiochemotherapy), and will share and discuss clinical cases. The main objective of the workshop is to offer a high-level training experience sharing clinical and technological knowledge, discussion, and in-depth analysis. The basic idea is that every great doctor is, in his or her own way, comparable to a great artist: a role that is a mixture of science, technology, Impact Factor, but also leadership with collaborators and empathy for patients. These will be informal meetings and case discussions in a completely different environment compared to traditional large conferences and training courses. Participation is open to a maximum of 25 students, so we recommend you register soon.

The event is free and will be streamed live for those wishing to attend without receiving CME credits.

Tumor Imaging Radiology Workshop Program