UPMC: Telemedicine Online Conference

UPMC International – Virtual Health Conference Saturday, June 19, 2021. “Global Virtual Care in 2021. How a Global Pandemic Became a Disruptor and Created a New Normal”

The era of virtual health is here to stay.

The field of virtual patient care and telemedicine has been rapidly evolving in recent years and has seen this need escalate due to the global pandemic over the last year. There is a continuous need for healthcare professionals, policy makers, technology providers, the patient community, and wider stakeholder groups to remain informed on the latest approaches to the treatment and management of patient care using virtual solutions. UPMC has a long history of providing multidisciplinary AnywhereCare and telehealth support to patients.

Virtual care goes by many names throughout the world – telemedicine, telehealth, eHealth, telecare, mHealth – and the urgent adoption in the last year was fueled by a powerful combination of the pandemic and expanding consumer electronics market capabilities.

What comes next, or in other words, what will the “new normal" look like in the coming years with face-to-face and virtual health supporting global health? What can we learn from comparing the virtual health lessons from the U.S. versus international locations? What will patients and providers expect from virtual health moving forward? How can we optimally develop value and engagement strategies?

These questions and many others will be addressed in a half-day event on 19 June 2021, led by UPMC International. This inaugural UPMC International – Virtual Health Conference 2021 will bring together some of the most distinguished telehealth experts across Europe and the U.S. and presents a terrific opportunity for virtual care specialists to connect virtually and share knowledge and experience in using telehealth to manage patient care. Our international faculty, whose expertise spans multi-medical disciplines will deliver brief presentations followed by question and answer sessions.

UPMC International is uniquely positioned to convene experts and experience worldwide to answer these questions and offer valuable lessons learned from 2020. This conference is designed to offer meaningful insights for physicians, nurses, IT professionals, and other healthcare providers alike. It will be a half-day virtual event with a blend of recorded and live interactive sessions.

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