At Christmas, Give Prevention

Give health to the people you love.

Thanks to UPMC's Salvator Mundi International Hospital initiative, this Christmas you can reserve a special cuddle for loved ones by giving them a voucher that allows them to carry out specialist visits, diagnostic and laboratory tests, or preventive check-ups.You can give, for example, a smoking cessation path, personalized aesthetic medicine treatments and paths, physiotherapy services, nutritional visit for personalized diets, eye check-up: choose from the many services offered in our structure, always in the highest quality, safety and comfort.Our multidisciplinary team is at your disposal, even during the holidays.

Surprise with a gift that cares about the well-being and health of the people you love!

How can I buy a gift voucher?

Buy the gift voucher for the services you prefer directly at our booking office: we will give you a personalized card to put under the tree!

How much is it

You can choose between different performances and give your gift the value you prefer.

For information contact us tel. 06 588 96 800