10th UPMC Annual Radiotherapy Symposium

10th UPMC Annual Radiotherapy Symposium | UPMC Italy

The 10th Annual UPMC Radiotherapy Symposium, titled "The Modern Integration of Diagnostics and Therapy: Technological Innovation in the Oncological Landscape," will take place in Rome at Museo Ara Pacis on Friday, December 15, 2023. This event, free of charge and accredited for the issuance of 7 CME credits, will allow participants to attend sessions both in Italian and English.

Scientific Director: Prof. PierCarlo Gentile, Medical Director, UPMC Hillman Cancer Center San Pietro FBF, Rome; Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh.

The new frontiers of technology for oncological diagnostics and treatments

Recent advancements in diagnostic imaging, molecular biology, and innovative technologies such as the progress in artificial intelligence and pharmaceuticals in the oncological field have significantly enhanced the clinical outcomes of patients affected by cancer. All this suggests a promising synergy between diagnostics and therapy, already integrated into clinical practice. The primary objective of the event is to explore opportunities to optimize and promote these clinical interactions by investigating new lines of research aimed at supporting the ongoing development of these disciplines, fostering their greater integration within the landscape of oncological treatments.

The Symposium will bring together Italian and international experts to discuss the impacts of these innovations on oncological therapeutic strategies. It will be a valuable opportunity to share knowledge and ideas, laying the groundwork for significant advancements in cancer treatment and care.

Who can attend the Radiotherapy Symposium

50 health care professionals with the following roles and specializations:

  • Surgeons.
  • Radiation Oncologists.
  • Medical Oncologists.
  • Interventional Radiologists.
  • Radiologists.
  • Physicists, Clinical physics.
  • Radiation Therapists.
  • Radiation Nurses.

For further information on how to register and participate, please visit the organizing secretariat website.

Organizing Secretariat/CME Provider
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