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Women of all ages face health questions every day. Find articles, infographics, and videos specific to women’s health issues. Whether you’re seeking information on pregnancy, menopause, nutrition, or bone health, our women’s health topics can help guide you through the different stages of life.


Prevention of cervical cancer and HPV. Interview with Dr. Renata Castelli.
14 November 2023

Heart Disease in Women: What You Need to Know. Interview with Prof. Francesco Versaci
23 October 2023

Interview on the Management of Osteoporosis through Physical Exercise with Prof. Carlina Veneranda Albanese
12 October 2023

Menstrual pain? Osteopathy can help you. Interview with Dr. Lupi
26 September 2023

When to Worry About Breast Pain
21 August 2023

Breast Cancer Prevention: Mammography
17 August 2023

Different Types of Breast Cancer: Prevention and Symptoms
9 August 2023

Breast Cancer Risk Factor
19 July 2023

Understanding Pelvic Floor Disorders
8 February 2023

What is pelvic floor physiotherapy?
8 February 2023

What You Need to Know About Endometriosis
8 February 2023

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: What It Is, How to Deal with It, and How It Can Be Prevented
7 February 2023

What is pelvic floor dysfunction?
5 February 2023

The First Multidisciplinary Unit Dedicated to Pelvic Organ Diseases is Born
1 February 2023

Gender Medicine: Let's Talk About Menopause
23 January 2023


Breast Cancer Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
27 October 2021

Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Minimally Invasive Intervention with P.O.P.S. Technique. Interview with Dr. Valeria Gianfreda.
12 February 2021


Care and Prevention of Women. Gender Medicine for Precision Medicine. Interview with Dr. Tiziana Ferri.
31 August 2020