The First Multidisciplinary Unit Dedicated to Pelvic Organ Diseases is Born

Diseases of the pelvic organs are constantly increasing, especially in the female population. Disturbances in sexual intercourse, feeling of abdominal weight, constipation or urinary or fecal incontinence, can all be alarm bells of pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse. Those who suffer from it often face difficulties also from the point of view of social impact: also for this reason, UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital is the first all-female multi-specialist team entirely dedicated to pelvic organ dysfunctions.

A team of specialists led by Dr. Valeria Gianfreda, digestive system surgeon, colon-proctologist and pelvic organ surgeon, and which includes the urologist Dr. Maria Rosaria Pareo, the gynecologist Dr. Carla Perricone, and the pelvic floor physiotherapist, Dr. Loredana La Torre. The team will also be able to count on the experience of Dr. Marco Pierleoni, radiologist specialized in pelvic MRI.

A new approach, in which particular attention is paid to the consultation phase with patients, will allow experts to assess the state of health of the pelvic organs, facilitating a correct diagnostic framework crucial for the definition of the clinical therapeutic path or, if necessary, minimally invasive surgery, more suitable.