Proctological Diagnostics

At UPMC, we offer tests to diagnose and treat any proctological pathologies, such as hemorrhoids, fissures, rectal prolapse, rectocele, and other rectal pathologies.

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Proctological Diagnostic Examinations

In our facilities, it is possible to carry out the following diagnostic procedures:

  • Anoscopy. It is an endoscopic examination, not painful, which allows one to view the anorectal canal and to identify the presence of any anorectal pathologies, such as hemorrhoids and fissures, and other pathologies that cause rectal bleeding, such as cancer of the lower rectum and anus.
  • Colonoscopy. It allows you to observe from the inside the lower part of the digestive tract consisting of the rectum, sigmoid, colon, and, when indicated, terminal ileum. This examination allows you to explore in-depth and painlessly the situation of the gastric mucosa and to perform one or more biopsies to allow an accurate diagnostic deepening.
  • Non-invasive rectoscopy. It is an endoscopic examination that allows you to directly observe the rectal canal or the upper part of the anus. This diagnostic examination also has an operational character and allows you to perform tissue sampling, removal, and more.
  • Rectoscopy – Proctoscopy. It is a diagnostic method aimed at the endoscopic observation of the canal (anoscopy) and the rectal canal (rectoscopy). This is an examination indicated in the presence of rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids,or rectal polyps, carcinoma of the canal or rectum, fistulas, wounds, and traumas of this region. Rectoscopy also has potential therapeutic applications, particularly for the resection of polyps or tumors and the treatment of hemorrhoids.
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