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The word “cancer” can stir fear, anxiety, and shock. Our cancer-related articles, videos, guides, and graphics help educate you about the many kinds of cancer and what those facing these diseases can expect. Learn about symptoms, screenings, treatment options, coping methods, and more, all from the cancer care experts at UPMC.


The Difference Between Chemo and Radiation
6 June 2024

More Than Melanoma: Different Types of Skin Cancer
20 May 2024

Ovarian Cancer: 6 Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore
7 May 2024

Melanoma: Risk Factors
1 May 2024

Bladder Cancer
1 May 2024

Cancer Screenings: Starting at What Age?
22 March 2024

Cancer Screening: A Clear Guide to Prevention and Health
6 February 2024


Prostate Cancer: Symptoms, Risk Factors and Tips to Prevent It
20 November 2023

Prevention of cervical cancer and HPV. Interview with Dr. Renata Castelli.
14 November 2023

Testicular Tumors: Prevention, Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
9 November 2023

Can You Tell Melanoma Facts From Myths?
24 August 2023

When to Worry About Breast Pain
21 August 2023

Breast Cancer Prevention: Mammography
17 August 2023

Different Types of Breast Cancer: Prevention and Symptoms
9 August 2023

Top 5 Facts About Skin Cancer: Prevention and Detection
3 August 2023

Breast Cancer Risk Factor
19 July 2023


Prostate Cancer: What It Is, Causes and Symptoms
16 November 2022  

Radiofrequency: Treatment of Tumors of the Pancreas by Echoendoscopic Route. Interview with Dr. Alberto Leonardo Larghi.
16 February 2022


Breast Cancer Types, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
27 October 2021

Peritoneal Tumors: Integrated Treatment and Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy. Interview with Dr. Roberto Verzaro
7 June 2021