Emergency Medical Examinations. Our Medical Director at the Side of the Patient.

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Interview with Dr. Bruno Casaregola, Medical Director of UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital.

Dr. Casaregola, how can you explain, in summary, your role as Medical Director here at UPMC Salvator Mundi?

My role as Medical Director is the result of UPMC's vision to create a private hospital in Rome on the Anglo-Saxon/North American model, to ensure that patients are treated in the best way and in the shortest possible time. I am a specialist with 40 years of experience, of which 20 international and 20 Italian, and as Medical Director I deal with analyzing the situation of the patient who turns to our hospital / network, starting him to the most suitable multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment path, directing him to internal diagnostic services and subjecting him, when necessary, to the best specialists. We have created a network of specialists of the highest level, very close-knit with each other, who work with great determination, not only in treating the patient in the best and fastest way, but also in avoiding unnecessary and expensive routes.

Dr. Casaregola, at UPMC Salvator Mundi, do you also deal directly with patient care? Can you tell us about your professional experience?

Certainly, indeed, it is precisely by directly carrying out the visits of general / internal medicine and first aid, that I can evaluate and better direct the path of patients in our hospital and in the UPMC network (constantly evolving in Rome and in Italy). Both aspects of my work, both that of management and counseling and that of direct clinical visit, are the natural consequence of the twenty-year experience I have gained as Medical Director / Chief Surgeon of a British-American multinational, a position that has led me to develop a great knowledge of Emergency Medicine and First Aid, General Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedics, Infectious Diseases, Epidemic Management, but also Intensive Care and Internal Medicine. It is also by virtue of this experience that in UPMC Salvator Mundi I deal with the management and care of International Communities, Expatriate Communities, Embassies, International Providers, National and International Insurance, Foreign Universities, International Tourists, Colleges of Universities and Vatican.

This experience translates into physical and professional presence in our facility at the service of the patient but also in immaterial presence for those who turn to our online specialists, right?

Exact. Our system makes use, among other things, of the work of Hospitalists, Internal Doctors of the Hospital, who report to me, and control the departments and all other clinical activities, in order to guarantee a more careful and meticulous assistance, both to our Patients and to our eminent Doctors. This allows you to have total control over the activities and ensure a high level of clinical safety.

In addition, I personally coordinate the clinical activity of the online medical video consultation service, in order to give the patient, even "virtual", the most appropriate professional specialist response possible: the service gives the possibility to take advantage of specialized video consultations, a form of medical assistance very useful especially for those who have difficulty physically reaching the structure or cannot leave their home because they are in quarantine or in presence of flu symptoms or doubts. Obviously, this approach is decisive for a number of cases, but preparatory to direct evaluation for other cases.

Also interested in new business and the launch of new services in UPMC Salvator Mundi, you were the creator of the D.O.C – Doctors On Call service. What does the service do and when to contact the D.O.C?

You can contact the D.O.C – Doctors On Call service, anyone who urgently needs a Specialist, Rapid Assistance in First Aid (IT IS NOT A FIRST AID) or an International Medicine Service. As Medical Director I deal, therefore, with the Triage Direct Clinic and the choice of the best / suitable Professionals for the continuation of the multidisciplinary diagnostic-therapeutic path and the health and clinical coordination, starting from the patient history up to the entrustment, if necessary, to the most suitable specialist to meet the needs of the individual case, so that the Patient can avoid any waste of time and unnecessary visits. The D.O.C represents an added value for the patient.

For more information on the D.O.C service or to book a specialist visit click here.