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Working Out on Holiday: How to Keep Fit While Travelling
17 July 2024

How to Prepare a Travel First-Aid Kit
3 July 2024

Summer Safety: Tips For Parents
28 June 2024

Angiological Diagnostics: Why It Is Important
6 June 2024

Air Quality, Allergies, and Asthma
9 May 2024

Is it Better to Dry Your Hands with an Air Dryer or Paper Towels?
1 May 2024

How to Beat Your Spring Allergies
11 April 2024


UPMC Urgent Care: How Does It Work?
18 December 2023

The Stages of a Cold: What to Expect and How Symptoms Progress
8 December 2023

Swollen Legs: Causes and Therapies. Interview with Dr. Marco Franceschini
27 November 2023

Getting Back to Training After a Long Break
31 August 2023

Radiology: Discover the Latest Generation of Machinery
22 June 2023

Smoking: The Damage to Heart and Arteries
30 May 2023

STROKE: a Neuro-technology to Return to Using Fork and Knife
20 February 2023


Avoiding Infectious Disease During Travel
30 December 2022

Microsurgery of Lymphedema
23 August 2022


Diabetes. Management and Treatment Improve Thanks to Innovation. Interview with Dr. Claudio Ventura.
27 December 2021


Emergency Medical Examinations. Our Medical Director at the Side of the Patient.
21 October 2020


Our Patients and Their Stories: Amy P's Experience
19 April 2019


MRI open or closed? Differences and the best choice.
7 July 2017

Hernia Center
7 June 2017

Pneumology, Interview with Dr. Luca Ferrara
11 May 2017