Hydrokinesitherapy at UPMC

At UPMC, hydrokinesitherapy sessions are available via highly specialized physiotherapists and a therapeutic pool. The hydrostatic pressure allows patients to achieve a progressive rehabilitation and recovery through the movement itself. The resistance opposed by the water challenges muscles to work, while the temperature favors muscle relaxation, vasodilation, and a resulting analgesic effect.

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What is Hydrokinesitherapy?

Hydrokinesitherapy is essential in the treatment of the most disabling diseases and equally effective at the beginning of rehabilitation treatment following traumatic or orthopedic outcomes. It offers gentle, comprehensive exercise as part of the rehabilitation process, allowing:

  • The reduction of recovery times.
  • The improvement of edematous conditions, joint excursion, and muscle tone.

The water allows patients to perform some exercises earlier that in the presence of gravity are not as easily performed. This can be beneficial following orthopaedic surgeries such as repair of the lower extremities such as hip or knee prostheses, reconstruction of ligament portions such as the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and interventions to bone portions such as fractures of the tibia, tibia-fibula or any other bone component of the foot and neck-foot. All these pathologies have therapeutic indications dictated by rehabilitation protocols that follow the different phases of the intervention and post-intervention that the patient must address.

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