Trichology at UPMC

UPMC's dermatology service includes trichology, the area of medicine that specializes in diagnosing and treating hair-related conditions. Hair health and trichology is an area of dermatology that deals not only with the physical well-being of the patient but also their self-esteem.

At UPMC, our specialists perform an initial qualitative and quantitative assessment for personalized therapy as needed.

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UPMC offers trichology services at the following facility:

Trichology Services and Exams

We offer basic and specialist diagnostic services through traditional methodologies (daily hair count, wash and pull test, etc.) and techniques of:

  • Video dermatoscopy.
  • Trichogram.
  • Examination of the hair shaft.
  • Incisional biopsy with histological examination.

Hair Transplant

It can be performed through the PRP treatment (Platlet Rich Plasma), an innovative and effective method against different types of baldness, able to stimulate regrowth and strengthen the hair bulb thanks to the growth factors contained in the stem cells. Alternatively the U.S.S. (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) is a monobulbar autotransplant based on the removal of a portion of the scalp which, sectioned into hundreds of follicles, is grafted into the area to be thickened. The results are extremely natural compared to traditional transplant techniques and there are no visible scars left in the hair.

Pathologies Treated

  • Alopecia, e.g. androgenetic, areata, total, telogenic defluvium.
  • Baldness.

Who Are Our Services Aimed at?

Our treatments are aimed at all people who experience a deterioration in the quality of their hair (color, thickness) or a decrease in the quantity up to its total disappearance.

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Insurance and Conventions

We offer medical services and services on a private basis or in agreement with the main insurance companies. Some of our services are also affiliated with the National Health System.

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