Pediatric Urology at UPMC

UPMC provides young patients a range of urology services designed specifically for them.  Our doctors specialize in treating urinary and genital issues of pediatric patients, and various urological disorders. Our treatments range from minor interventions, such as urinary disorders, to complex reconstructive surgery for sexual developmental disorders.

Our surgeons also rely on consults and collaborations with of psychologists and therapists. We pay maximum attention to the mental and psychological state of our pediatric and younger patients during the therapeutic process.

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UPMC offers pediatric urology services in the following facility:

Pediatric Urology Disorders and Treatments

The pediatric urology care and diagnostic tests available at UPMC are aimed at the diagnosis and treatment of the following diseases:

  • Cryptorchidism. This condition, due to one or both testicles not descending, can be solved with a specific intervention, called orchidopexy.  Surgery involves a 2-cm incision in the groin. Your child will be able to return home a few hours after surgery.
  • Functional disorders of the urinary tract. Conditions such as enuresis, unstable bladder, and neurological bladder do not require surgery, but personalized clinical treatment,
  • Pediatric inguinal hernia. A hernia in children that presents on the basis of a condition (patent vaginal peritoneum) preexisting at birth and that must be operated on as soon as possible, as it will not resolve spontaneously. In most cases, this is a rapid intervention that can be performed as day surgery.
  • Umbilical hernia.
  • Phimosis This common condition is characterized by a difficulty sliding the foreskin on the glans. It can be treated by day surgery. As an alternative to surgery, it can also be treated with cortisone therapy.
  • Fistulas and cysts.
  • Hydrocele and funicular cyst. The problems caused by the persistence of the vaginal peritoneum duct are treated with surgery not requiring an hospitalization. This intervention is performed under general anesthesia and in day surgery.
  • Hypospadia. Congenital anomalies of the penis require personalized surgical treatment, which respond to the characteristics and specific needs of each individual patient.
  • Malformative diseases of the kidney and urinary tract. These include bladder-ureteral reflux, primary and secondary megaureter, and pyeloureteral junction syndrome.
  • Infantile varicocele. Problems affecting male genitalia due to dilated veins in the scrotum must be treated to stop venous reflux into the spermatic vein and preserve the patient's fertility. Treatment can be performed with by sclerotherapy (embolization without surgery) or surgery, or by a mixed technique.

Many of these procedures are performed in day surgery. They involve a one-day hospitalization. Our approach is based on a method known as "one-stop anesthesia".  This involves collecting a detailed family and personal history in collaboration with the pediatrician.

If the hospitalization is prolonged, we provide psychological service for patients and families.

Why Choose UPMC for Pediatric Urology Services

Contact UPMC if your child has signs of a urological disorder, including blood in the urine or burning during urination, or if your primary care physician has recommended a specialist visit.

Genital abnormalities and urinary tract infections are among the main conditions treated at UPMC. Our pediatric units have rooms equipped for therapy and clinical and psychological care, conducted in a welcoming and familiar atmosphere.

We use support programs that facilitate children and adolescents to resume their everyday activities as soon as possible. At the end of an operation for an inguinal hernia, for example, the suture is made below the epidermis, to be invisible and requiring no follow-up visit to remove stitches.

After surgery, pediatric patients are given every opportunity to return to play and normal daily activities as soon as possible. In cases of prolonged hospital stays, our specialists are available to plan the necessary and regular follow-up. For us at UPMC, the postoperative course is as important as the intervention itself.

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