About UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital

UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital logoUPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital is located in the heart of Rome, surrounded by a beautiful garden. It has:

  • 82 post-operative beds, including four intensive care beds and 12 for day hospital.
  • Area for first aid and outpatient surgery.
  • Medical clinics for visits and specialist diagnostics.
  • Clinical treatments and surgical procedures in numerous specialties and high specialization, intensive care, and rehabilitation.

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Equipped with four beds, each station is equipped with ventilators, vitals monitoring systems, and instruments for the continuous administration of drugs and infusions. The visiting hours are from 11.30 to 19.30, every day.


UPMC Salvator Mundi is equipped with six highly-specialized and multi-specialty operating rooms. In the operating block on the second floor, there are three operating rooms: the angiographic room and two completely renovated rooms, including an integrated smart room. Here, we use this highly specialized technological innovation in neurosurgery, advanced orthopedic and robotic surgery, and vascular surgery. The room is also equipped with an integrated videoconferencing system.

In the angiographic room, we have modern first-class diagnostic technologies, invasive and non-invasive, and the latest technologies, such as the Toshiba angiograph. In this room, hemodynamic and interventional radiology procedures are carried out.

In the operating block on the third floor, there are three operating rooms. Two are dedicated to low-complexity outpatient surgery and one, equipped with excimer lasers, for refractive ophthalmological surgery.

Procedures and Exams

At UPMC Salvator Mundi, you can book services in various clinical specialties. These include:

  • Hemodynamics: Among the different procedures of interventional cardiology there are, for example, coronary angiography and angioplasty.
  • Diagnostics: Among the services offered are specialist outpatient visits, clinical treatments. and surgical procedures in various areas of medicine.

UPMC Salvator Mundi also has departments dedicated to specialized activities:

  • Diagnostic Imaging Center: It is equipped for any type of radiological examination, including interventional procedures (e.g. biopsies, drainage, interventional spinal CT scan) even in a 24/7 emergency setting. Here you can undergo Somatome Force CT scans (fast examinations at low radiation), magnetic resonance 1.5 Tesla, MOC-DXA, mammography with tomosynthesis, ultrasound of the latest generation, and digital radiology.
  • Laboratory of Clinical and Microbiological Analysis: This department carries out chemical, clinical and microbiological analyzes. It also studies hematochemical and urine tests, microbiological and parasitological examinations for allergies and intolerances, and tropical and international medicine. For emergencies, the laboratory is available 24/7.
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center: This facility is 500 square meters that offers a gym, physiotherapy, osteopathic treatments, and a therapeutic pool for hydrokinesitherapy.

Other Services

UPMC Salvator Mundi offers complete care and support, from the moment of acceptance until discharge. To be close to you at all times, UPMC puts at your disposal various services, including:

  • Medical staff 24/7.
  • Urgent doctor available in one hour (24/7) – Doctor on Call, service for emergencies.
  • Extra or private nursing care: Upon request, the clinic can assign you a dedicated nurse to support you throughout your treatment plan.
  • Blood transfusions and blood products: In case it is required, blood and blood products are provided by the Transfusion Center of the S. Camillo Forlanini Hospital in Rome.
  • Agreements with the many Italian and international insurance companies.
  • Religious and spiritual assistance: On the third floor of Salvator Mundi International Hospital is the chapel, accessible to patients. You can also request pastoral assistance.
  • Among the extra services available on request and for a fee, there are beauty and laundry services.
  • Internal parking: Download the parking regulations (PDF).

Hotel-Like Amenities

All inpatient rooms – standard, superior, and suite – are equipped with air conditioning, telephone, and TV. Free wi-fi is available throughout the hospital. Newspapers are also available free of charge on request. Meals are prepared in the hospital's in-house kitchen and according to your dietary requirements. You can also request the services of a dietitian. Always present, our specialist will take care of your dietary needs, whether these are related to traditions or religious beliefs. With the same attention, we have developed an international breakfast menu and a menu designed specifically for children. Finally, you and your loved ones can use, for a fee, in-room dining service as well.

UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital
UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital

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