Specialized Dentistry at UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital

UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital's dentistry service offers high standards of quality and safety. Our specialists have world-class clinical experience and use advanced technologies to perform highly specialized and innovative services.

Our team offers minimally invasive treatments, clinical and surgical, for dentofacial, aesthetic and functional rehabilitation. It also performs services for the reconstruction of the smile, bone regeneration of the oral cavity, and, in the field of orthodontics, Invisalign solutions.

Dental Services at UPMC

We offer a number of cutting-edge specialist services including:

  • Dentofacial rehabilitation: This refers to the aesthetic-functional reconstruction of the smile. Thanks to the use of sophisticated digital technologies, it is possible to reconstruct and correct defects concerning the teeth, bone structure, gums, lips, and perioral skin which improves the aesthetics and the functionality of the mouth. Treatment is carried out in three steps. First visit: Clinical consultation, dental check-up (orthopanoramic and / or teleradiography), proposal of the treatment plan and impression and creation of the wax design. Second visit: Preparation of the structure of the tooth and placement of temporary elements. Third visit: Final positioning. Our team is led by Dr. Emanuele Cicero, dentist and specialist in dental prostheses.
  • Periodontology and regenerative surgery of the oral cavity: In periodontology, implantology, regenerative surgery, and bone and reconstructive regeneration of the oral cavity, we use innovative technologies for three-dimensional and holographic projections. Dental bone regeneration, i.e. the increase in the bone volume of the arches, allows us to reconstruct the part on which to graft the dental implant. This procedure is important in the case of partial or total loss of teeth, even in the presence of disease. In particular, the use of 3D printing and holography allows great precision in the real representation of bone. The treatments of periodontology, implantology, and bone regeneration of the oral cavity are effective in achieving specific objectives: to stop the progression of periodontal problems; to cover exposed root surfaces and increase the volume of gum tissue, for aesthetic, prosthetic or orthodontic needs; to rebuild the bone when there are no longer sufficient volumes on which to graft the implant; to reconstruct the functionality and aesthetics of the dental arch in people who lack one or more teeth; for bone regeneration in cases of bone injury and following traumatic events; for gum bleaching. Our specialist team is led by Dr. Giuseppe Cicero, periodontal dentistry.
  • Orthodontics Invisalign: Among the different orthodontic solutions that we offer is Invisalign orthodontics: transparent, almost invisible, and removable braces, with a four-year warranty. Invisalign is an innovative biomechanical tool for personalized orthodontic treatments of different degrees of complexity. It is recommended, for example, in the case of diastema and dental crowding. The minimally invasive use of Invisalign offers advantages that are not only aesthetic. It allows for the maintenance of good oral hygiene and biomechanical control of dental displacement. The service includes the orthodontic check-up for the evaluation of the use of the Invisalign device, orthopanoramic and / or teleradiography. It is also possible to use Surgery First-Invisalign in cases of maxillofacial surgical problems. Our team is led by Dr. Maria Baldassarre Cicero, specialist in odontostomatology an Invisalign Diamond Provider.

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