Robotic Surgery at UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital

Robotic Surgery at UPMC Salvator Mundi

Robotic surgery is one of the most innovative surgical techniques available. Its advanced technology and millimetric precision make it an increasingly popular option for patients seeking less invasive solutions and faster recovery.

Robotic Surgery – Da Vinci

Among robotic surgical techniques, the Da Vinci is the most advanced and widely used system in the world. Thanks to its 3D technology, the Da Vinci robot allows surgeons to operate with extreme precision, control and a better view of the surgical area.

The Da Vinci robot is equipped with robotic arms and miniaturized surgical instruments that can move with extreme precision. Surgeons control these instruments from a computerized console that provides a detailed, real-time view of the surgical field.

Da Vinci robotic surgery has been used successfully in many medical specialties, and at UPMC Salvator Mundi, you will find a multidisciplinary unit dedicated to robotic surgery in the following specialties

The Advantages of Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

The benefits of robotic surgery with the Da Vinci are many:

  • Less pain.
  • Fewer scars.
  • Faster recovery compared to traditional surgery.
  • Reduced risk of complications such as infection and bleeding.

Robotic Surgery – Mako

Another robotic system available to patients at UPMC Salvator Mundi is the Mako. This system, designed for orthopedic surgery, is used primarily for joint replacement surgeries, particularly knee and hip replacements.

The Mako uses a 3D scan of the patient to create a virtual model of the joint to be operated on, allowing surgeons to plan the operation in advance and customize it to the patient's individual needs. Once in the operating room, the Mako helps surgeons perform the surgery in a precise and customized manner, improving accuracy and minimizing the risk of error. In summary, both the Da Vinci and the Mako are examples of cutting-edge robotic technologies that are changing the way surgeons operate, offering patients more precise, personalized and less invasive solutions.

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Robotic Surgery at UPMC

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