Prof. Bruno Salvati

  • Vascular Surgery
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  • UPMC Salvator Mundi International Hospital



Professor Salvai is a vascular surgery specialist. He is Director of the General and Vascular Surgery Operating Unit and Director of the Vascular Surgery I at La Sapienza in Rome. He is the associate professor of General Surgery at the Department of Surgical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, University La Sapienza in Rome. His areas of research include: surgical prevention of strokes and surgical procedures on epiaortic trunks; reconstructive arterial surgery; cerebrovascular diseases; ultrasound applied to vascular surgery; surgical prevention of pulmonary abolia; endovascular surgery; neck surgery (thyroid surgery, main neck dissections); retroperitoneal surgery; urgent surgery; and gynecological and oncological surgery. He has performed 9000 operations and is the author of numerous publications.