Dr. Giovanna Panarello

  • Infectious Diseases
UPMC Italy Physician
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        Dr. Panarello is Chief of ISMETT’s Intensive Care Unit. She graduated in 1995 in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Catania with a final score of 30/30 cum laude. In 1999, she earned her specialization in Infectious Diseases from the University of Catania with a final score of 70/70 cum laude. Dr. Panarello has obtained numerous certifications from various universities including the University of Liverpool (UK) where she earned a Diploma in Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 2000-2001, she was awarded a fellowship at ISMETT that introduced her to transplant medicine. In 2001, she was designated as a visiting physician at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh and in 2001-2002, she won a second fellowship at ISMETT in Infectious Diseases.

        Learn more about Dr. Panarello on the IRCCS ISMETT website.